How do I cancel my individual subscription?

You can cancel your individual subscription by following the steps below.

1) Go to your Subscription & Billing tab on your Account page

2) Click Manage your subscription

3) Click Cancel

4) Click Confirm Cancellation

Once your subscription has been cancelled, you'll still have access to our course library until your subscription's expiration date, but your subscription will not renew and you won't be charged again* unless you resubscribe

Once your subscription has expired, you'll still be able to sign into Pluralsight and access your account. Your playlists, history, and certificates will remain intact, though you won't have access to courses. Should you choose to purchase another subscription, just sign into your account, navigate to the Subscription & Billing tab, and click Subscribe.

*Please note: "cancelling" and "disabling auto renew" is essentially the same thing.

If you subscribed through iTunes, please see How do I manage a subscription purchased through iTunes?