Code School for group plans


How will Code School access work for corporate members?
For group plans, when your members receives access, they will be notified and prompted to log in on Pluralsight and then activate their Code School access. During this process the members will be able to merge their user ID and password and ...
What does it mean when a member merges their Code School user ID and passwords?
This means subscribers can use their Pluralsight credentials on the Code School platform to sign in. This also makes it easier to remember a single set of log-in credentials. Plus, if subscribers are logged into Pluralsight, then they are auto...
Is my group plan credential being passed, viewed, or used by Code School?
No, your group plan credential is not stored anywhere within Pluralsight or Code School platform. A separate identifying credential is used to connect and provision with Code School.  ‚Äč
If Code School doesn't have my group plan credential, how can I access it?
If you want to use your group plan credential to access Code School you must first login to the Pluralsight platform and link to Code School from there. Code School does have a link by their login that will redirect you to Pluralsight where ...
Is my data still secure, being passed to Code School?
Your data is fully secure, the identifier passing to Code School is not your group plan credential but is passed over https & encrypted with open VPN. Only name and email is shared.