About Flow Enterprise Server

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Flow uses data from integrations like GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, or other Git based code repositories to help engineering leaders move faster, optimize work patterns, and advocate for engineering with concrete data.  Some highlights of Flow functionality include:

  • Giving you a unified view of software engineering progress across all repositories and teams based on data. See your team in real time, and view your historical.
  • Introducing concrete data about team progress into your existing development process to focus on improving what matters most.
  • Plotting company events over a timeline of development workflow and learning how engineering interacts with the organization as a whole.

For enterprises that require extra security around their source code and development tools, we offer Flow Enterprise Server.  Install Flow Enterprise Server inside your data center or private cloud.  Integrate it into the same security and hosting processes your information technology group currently uses to host your ticketing system, source control repositories, and other development tools.

Flow Enterprise Server offers the following:

  • Is installed into your data center or private cloud to protect it behind a firewall
  • Never sends information about your source code or metrics outside of your infrastructure
  • Completely self-contained
  • Better handling of extra-large, internally hosted repositories
  • Integration with GitHub, BitBucket, and GitLab cloud offerings
  • Integration with GitHub Enterprise
  • Integration with BitBucket Server
  • Integration with Azure DevOps and Jira

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