About Replicated

Flow uses Replicated (external site, opens in new tab) to deliver our SaaS service to you as an on-premises product. This partnership allows us to give you the analysis and insight that you rely on Flow to provide inside your information technology department's chosen hosting and security solutions.

Replicated provides a large number of features to help us reach this goal:

  • One-line installation: You can install Flow Enterprise Server with a one-line shell command.
  • One-click updates: You can check for updates, read release notes and apply reliable updates in seconds.
  • Audit logging: You are provided an audit log of the important events in the application.
  • Airgapped installations: You can install and manage Flow Enterprise Server in an environment that has no internet access.

Replicated offers many other features. Visit their website (external site, opens in new tab) for more information.

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