Adding industry certifications to your Skills profile

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Congratulations on getting certified. Now it’s time to share your achievement with the Pluralsight community by adding it to your profile.

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Adding a certification to your profile

  1. Go to your profile (opens in new tab).
  2. Under Industry certifications, click Add certificate.
  3. Enter your certification details and upload a .pdf of your certificate (required).
  4. Click Add certificate.

You're now ready to show off your certification to the community. If you’d rather keep your certification private, click the eye icon to the right of the certification you want to hide. Learn more about privacy settings on your profile.

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Updating a certification

Need to modify the date or correct a typo? No problem. To update your certificate:

  1. Click Edit to to the right of the certificate you want removed.
  2. Update your information.
  3. Click Update certificate.

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Deleting a certification

  1. Click Edit to the right of the certificate you want removed.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Confirm deletion when prompted.

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Common questions

A certification I earned doesn’t appear in the list of options. Can I get it added?

If a certification you earned isn’t listed, submit a request to Pluralsight Support (opens email form) and we’ll look into adding it to the list.

Why is it that a certification I added to my A Cloud Guru profile doesn’t appear correctly on my Skills profile?

Certifications you added to your ACG profile in the Other category may not have carried over correctly to your Skills profile. Try adding the certification again from the list of providers on Skills. Remember, if a certification you earned isn’t listed as an option, you can submit a request to Pluralsight Support (opens email form).

If my certification expires, will it disappear from my profile?

Certifications will remain on your profile even after they expire—but of course it’s good practice to recertify. Learn more about Certification paths and exam preparation on Skills or Learning and exam prep on ACG.

My certification doesn’t have a .pdf option on Credly. How do I upload it?

If you want to add a certificate that appears on your Credly profile, you’ll need to obtain a .pdf of the certificate from the certification provider. For example, to upload your AWS certification to your Skills profile, you must download it from your AWS Training and Certification account (external site, opens in new tab).

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.