Adding members, contributors, and owners to a channel

We'll use this sample channel as a reference throughout this article.

  • A: In the Channel top menu, under Share, you can copy the channel link, or share it on social media.
  • B: In the Details panel, as a channel owner or contributor, you can add members.

Adding members to a channel

There are three ways you can share a channel to your plan members: sending a link, adding members directly, or setting the channel for company-wide viewing on all members' Channels pages.

Tip: Learners must join, or be added to a channel by the channel owner, to have their channel progress show in Channels analytics.

Company-wide channels

In your organization, you may have certain channels that you want everyone on your business subscription to know about. Here's how to put those channels front and center for your learners: Company channels.

How to set a channel as a company-wide channel:

  • As a plan admin or team manager, in the “Advanced settings” of an individual channel, select Display in employee's [company] channels.

  • This setting adds the channel to a tab found on the channel index page, that’s labeled with the name of your account.

  • If a user is associated with multiple accounts, they may have multiple Company channels tabs

Tip: Only plan admins and team managers can make a channel appear in the Company channels area. If you're a channel owner but not a plan admin or team manager, you can add a plan admin or team manager to your channel as a contributor (see section 4), then they can add it to company channels. They do not have to be the channel owner to do this for you.

A learner still has to join the channel to be considered a channel member, and appear in channels analytics. However, company channels appear on all learners' Channels bar, even if they aren't a member of the channel. 

Company channels are displayed in the order of last activity, so learners may have channels showing in a different order because of when they last viewed content in the channel.

Adding members directly

Note: This feature is coming soon to Pluralsight. If you don't see this functionality on our platform, we're excited to share it with you soon!

Adding people to your channel is straightforward. Go to the Channel page, and you'll see Add Members on the right. Click this, and type your learner's name or email address to select them. Click can view in the dropdown on the right side to add them to the channel as a member. Click can edit to set the new member as a contributor (see Assigning channel contributors and owners, below).

Want to add all members of your business plan to your channel? Go to the Channel page, click Add Members on the right side of the screen, and simply click in the field, instead of typing a name or email address. Your entire company will be at the top of the list, with the number of learners in the company next to the company's name. Click your company's name and select can view or can edit, then click Add members. 

Share the channel link

In the screenshot above, you can go to the Channel Settings area (A) and click the Share link. This displays another way to add members, but maybe you don't want to add channel members directly.

Maybe you don't know exactly which people in your company would get the most use out of the channel you created. Share this link in your company Slack, email blast, or send it to team leads you think would benefit from it.

Do you have a team member who wants to highlight a channel she's created, and share it with her peers across the industry? There are also sharing buttons in the Share menu that can help share her channel on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Important: Adding members directly (see above) turns those learners into channel members, but sending people the channel link does not add them to the channel. When sharing a channel link, learners must click the Join button to join the channel, which allows their progress to appear in channels analytics.

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Assigning channel contributors and owners

Maybe you created a channel for someone else on your team to build up. Or, maybe someone on your plan started a channel, but now someone else has moved into their role - including being in charge of adding content and members to the channel.

By default, the channel owner is the person who creates a channel. Click here for more details about roles and access levels in channels.

To set a channel contributor or owner, simply go to the Channel page, and find the Members section on the right-hand side, below Details. Then, click the three dots icon next to a channel member's name. The menu that appears will let you set their contributor level. 

Contributors must be members of the channel. If you need to add someone and make them a contributor, you can do both at the same time. Simply click Add Members, type your learner's name or email address, and select Can edit to set the new member as a contributor.  

Tip: A channel always has an owner and never has more than one owner. When changing ownership, the previous owner is downgraded to a contributor.

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