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Admin Alerts are designed to assist you in keeping your data updated and users merged. Schedule a report to be sent to your inbox to notify you with any issues pertaining to the following items:

  • Data - Any processing issues with repositories and/or projects across one or multiple integrations
  • Users - You can be notified when new users are imported into your account and when/if there are any new merge suggestions.

Who can use this?



These alerts are intended to alert the Flow Admin of common problems that can lead to inaccurate data. We recommend that the Flow admin set these reports up and tune them to get the information that is most important to your company.

Getting Started

Admin Alerts is a permission based feature that is enabled automatically for "Owners". You can locate Admin Alerts on the Messages page under your Settings menu. 

Tip: If the Configurations menu item is not visible, contact the account administrator to provide additional permissions for the user. 

On the Messages page, click on the Admin alerts tab.

Data Alerting

If any of your repositories and/or projects are not updating or processing you will be notified based on your delivery frequency and schedule. If you would like to be notified for specific Integrations you can select them using the drop down menu entitled Integrations.


With this option you have the ability to determine what type of alerts you would like to receive for new users that get imported into your account.

  • All Users - you will get notified if any new user is imported
  • Duplicate Users - you will get notified when there are new aliases that need to get merge with existing users.


In this section you can determine when you receive this email. You can chose to have the email sent only when there is a problem or always send it to know things are going well. Additionally you can determine how long to wait before alerting you if there are problems, up to 24 hours.


In this section you will need indicate who the report should be sent to and the delivery frequency.

Send your report

When you are done configuring your Admin Alert report, click  Schedule.

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