Admin alerts

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Set up Admin alerts to stay aware of data errors and help you keep your users merged.


You need the Configuration permission to enable Admin alerts.

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Setting up Admin alerts

To set up Admin alerts:

  1. Click Settings in Flow's top navigation.
  2. In the left navigation under Report settings, click Messages.
  3. On the Messages page, click the Admin alerts tab.

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Data alerting

Toggle alerts on or off for repos, pull request projects, and ticket projects. If any of these don't update or process, Flow will notify you based on your set delivery frequency and schedule.

Use the Integrations dropdown to get notifications for specific integrations.

Use these notifications to stay up-to-date on your merge suggestions.

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Toggle alerts on or off for different types of incoming users. Select All Users to get reports for all newly imported users. Select Duplicate Users to get reports when new aliases should merge with an existing user.

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Use the Advanced settings to configure when any issues or updates will be included in an admin alert.

  • Choose whether to send the alert as scheduled only if there’s an issue, or every time regardless of issue status.

  • Choose how long to wait after detecting an issue to include it in the alert. Some issues, such as rate limits, clear up on their own and may not need to be addressed immediately.

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Send the Admin alert report to other people by adding their email addresses to the list of email recipients. Customize how often Flow sends out this report with Delivery frequency.

Tip: We recommend sending admin alert emails to other admins in your organization who can take action on the errors in the email.

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Send your report

When you're finished configuring your Admin alert report, click Schedule or Create report, depending on the delivery frequency.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.