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Set up Admin alerts to keep your data updated, users merged, and stay aware of data errors.

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Setting up Admin alerts

Admin alerts is a permission based feature automatically enabled for "Owners".

To set up Admin alerts:

  1. Click Settings in Flow's top navigation.
  2. In the left navigation under Report Settings, click Messages.
  3. On the Messages page, click the Admin alerts tab.
Tip: If the Configurations menu item is not visible, contact the account administrator to provide additional permissions for the user.

Data alerting

Toggle alerts on or off for repos, pull request projects, and ticket projects. If any of these don't update or process, Flow will notify you based on your set delivery frequency and schedule.

Use the Integrations dropdown to get notifications for specific integrations.


Toggle alerts on or off for different types of incoming users. Select All Users to get reports for all newly imported users. Select Duplicate Users to get reports when new aliases should merge with an existing user.


Get reports directly to your inbox, notifying you of any issues on data and users, such as:

  • Processing issues with repositories and projects across one or multiple integrations.
  • When new users are imported into your account and when there are any new merge suggestions.

Admin alert reports can notify Flow admins of common problems that lead to inaccurate data.

Tip: We recommend that Flow admins set these reports up and customize email alerts for the information that is most important to your company.

Select a schedule that best suits your needs. Receive email reports at set intervals or when Flow detects a potential issue.


Send the Admin alert report to other people by adding their email addresses to the list of email recipients. Customize how often Flow sends out this report with Delivery frequency.

Tip: We recommend sending admin alert emails to other admins in your organization who can take action on the errors in the email.

Send your report

When you finished configuring your Admin alert report, click Schedule.

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