Setting up your admin portal

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This article will help you ensure your team page is personalized and ready for inviting members. As your team gets ramped up, the Admin Portal is where you'll also find your team's activity, monitor course progress and track certifications. Follow the steps below to get started.

Getting started

  1. Click Manage your team at the top of your dashboard or access your admin portal by going directly to (opens in new tab).
  2. Click your avatar, then click Settings from the drop down list.
  3. In the Details tab, update your organization details including name and URL. This information will be visible to your teams.
  4. In the Organization Logo tab, upload your logo. This allows you to personalize your page and team invites.

    Note: You can always update your organization’s details in the future if your logo changes.

  5. In the Customize Invitations tab, personalize the message in your team invites. The text box allows you to add a unique note to your learners. We recommend letting them your people know including the following:
    • Why you’re inviting them
    • What the company’s goals are in providing this education
    • Who they can reach out to with questions
  6. Feel free to paste any links to company boards to encourage collaboration, or any documentation that may be helpful in getting everyone excited about building the cloud culture.

    Note: The default text includes a link to our popular monthly web series, “What’s New At A Cloud Guru”. This series is a great way to keep learners up-to-date with new courses, updated content, or any neat developments we’ve released.

  7. In the Invitation Settings tab, choose whether to activate an invite link. You can also deactivate old links and add new links within this same tab.

    Important: A link is an easy way to add learners to your organization. However, we recommend that you share your link cautiously, as unsolicited users can also join using the link.

Now that you have your organization settings down, it’s time to get your team organized. Head back to Admins - Getting started to learn more.

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