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Aliases and apex aliases are commonly referenced throughout the Flow platform and our help center. This document outlines what they are, and where they come from.


An alias is a unique identifier for a user. A user can have multiple aliases in Flow. These alisases are drawn directly from the integrations that you setup in Flow. So a user can have a unique alias imported from each integration setup in your account. Let's take an example:

A user connected the following Integrations into their Flow account:

  • GitHub
  • Jira

Under their User details page we can see all the aliases that were imported from each of these integrations. Each alias was used to either comment on a PR, create a commit, or create a ticket.

As seen in the image above, two aliases were pulled in from Jira. It is possible that the user commits on PRs with the other. The third alias has been pulled in from the Github Cloud integration.

Additional Aliases

In addition to the aliases that we find when we ingest your data for the first time, Flow also creates a new alias for each user/contributor that was ingested. These aliases will look something like this: These aliases are automatically merged under their respective user. Flow generates these aliases in order to track whose data came from what integration.This is necessary if there are multiple integrations connected to the same Git host.

The above example user commits on the following three repos. In this example, please note that some repositories were imported under different integrations. See below:

  • Repo A - Imported via integration 1
  • Repo B - Imported via integration 1
  • Fork Repo A - Imported via integration 2

 If you remember from the last image, the example user already has 3 Aliases that have been ingested from Github (1) and Jira (2). In addition to these three aliases they are also going to have a unique alias that is generated by Flow from each integration that their data has been imported from. In this case there will be two additional aliases.

 Here is their total alias count:

  • GitHub - 1 Aliases
  • Jira - 2 Alias
  • Integration 1 - 1 Alias
  • Integration 2 - 1 Alias

 Total Alias Count: 5

Apex aliases

Each user that is imported from the connected integrations will have an apex alias. This is the primary alias that will be used to identify the user in your reports. This apex alias information can be changed by editing the user's email address or name on the User details page.

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