Will I see learner data in analytics when they aren’t on my group plan?

Plan admins and team managers can see learner data in analytics while the learner is on the group plan. 

Some analytics also show learner data from before the learner joined the plan, or even after the learner leaves the plan.

Learner data available from 
before the learner was added to plan

Learner data available 
after the learner leaves the plan

Skill assessments


After the learner leaves the plan, you will still see their data in Users, Usage, and Mentoring analytics. It will show their name and (deleted). However, this data won’t continue to update if the learner continues learning on another group plan or an individual subscription.

Tip: If you just added a learner to your group plan, you won’t see their data in usage or mentoring analytics until the next day. This is because usage and mentoring analytics is delayed up to 24 hours. 

For more information, please see our article How current is analytics data?

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