How analytics data follows learners

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Analytics data follows a learner as they move from one plan or subscription to another. The availability of analytics data is influenced by the type of analytics, your role as a plan admin or team manager, and the addition and removal of learners.

In this article, we go over how each analytics report follows learners as they join and leave plans and how your role influences that data availability.

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Which analytics follow learners?

You may have learners who were already active Pluralsight Skills learners before they joined your team plan. You only have access to data from when the learners joined the plan.

When a learner leaves your plan, you may want to continue viewing their analytics from when they were on your plan. Some analytics data is still available after the learner leaves the plan.

The following table shows which analytics data is available in these cases.

Analytics ReportBefore learner was added to the planCurrent learnersAfter learner
leaves the plan
Skills inventory 
Users & Usage 

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Which analytics are available to leaders?

The availability of analytics data is influenced by your role as a plan admin or team manager, how a learner joined or left a plan, and the type of analytics.

Plan admins vs. team managers

Plan admins see analytics data on all learners and teams on the team plan. If you are both a plan admin and a team manager, you can see all learner data in analytics. Learn how to set and change admins and managers for your team plan.

Team managers only see analytics data for the learners in the teams they manage. For example, a team manager can oversee other team managers. They can only see data for the team managers and learners on their direct teams; they cannot see the data for learners of team managers they oversee.

Note: In channels analytics, team managers can see their team learners’ progress in any channel visible to your team or company. This is true even if a different learner, who isn’t on the team, created the channel.

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How does adding and removing learners affect analytics?

As a plan admin or team manager, you may add learners, remove learners, and move learners within the plan. Each situation affects which analytics are available regarding a learner.  Use the tables below for an overview of what analytics you can view in these different situations.

Individuals joining a team plan

Your learner may have had a subscription before joining your plan. You only have access to data from when the learners joined the plan.

AvailabilityPlan adminTeam manager
Analytics availableNoneNone

Individuals moving from team to team

If a plan admin or team manager moves a learner from one team to another, the learner's analytics moves with the learner. No analytics data is lost when a learner moves teams. However, which analytics are available to the team managers will change.


Tip: Usage analytics is updated in real time. When you add a learner to your team, their data in usage analytics shows up instantly. For more information, please see Real-time analytics data.

AvailabilityPlan adminNew team managerOld team manager
Analytics availableAllAllNone

Individuals leaving a team plan

After the learner leaves the plan, only plan admins can see their data. This data does not update if the learner continues learning on another team plan or an individual subscription.


Tip: To view removed learner data, use the All users filter option. Removed learner data is not available in Channels or Roles analytics.

AvailabilityPlan adminTeam manager
Analytics available
  • Content
  • Skills inventory
  • Users & Usage
  • Removed learner data
  • None

Returning individuals

If a learner is removed and then re-added to the plan, their previous data will become available again.


Any activity after the learner was removed from the account, but before the learner rejoined, is not shown in the analytics. It may take a few minutes for the historical data to repopulate.

AvailabilityPlan admin or team manager
Analytics available
  • Data before removal
  • Data after rejoin
Analytics not available
  • Data after the learner was removed and before the learner rejoined

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