API guide: Exporting team membership

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Team membership defines the relationship between users and teams, and the nature of their relationship. Export your team information either from the in-app download teams button, or from the API into a .csv file.

In-app Team membership download

To download a list of team members:

  1. Click Settings in Flow's top navigation bar.
  2. In the left navigation under User management, click Teams.
  3. Click the download teams button on the top right. A .csv file of your team members will download.

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How to export team membership data using the API

Follow the directions below to export the following information by team:

  • User ID
  • Author Name
  • Author Email

If you're logged into Flow, you can paste the below API call into a browser window. You can also use an API client like Postman with an API key.

Tip: You will have to run this query for every team.


  • HOSTNAME: The IP address or URL for the Flow application. If you’re using the cloud instance of Flow, this will be flow.pluralsight.com. If you’re using an on-premise version of Flow, this will be something other than flow.pluralsight.com.
  • YOUR_TEAM_NAME: This is the Flow team for which you’re trying to get user information.

The above API call returns all available fields for each member of the team. You can further refine your results so that you’re only getting the data you want to extract using the fields= parameter as show below:


  • fields=id,name,email: Using the fields parameter will only return these specified fields in your query.

Your results will look something like this:

{    "count" : 20 , //total number of Users that met your criteria
"next" : null , // NOTE: If you had more than 1000 Users,
//this tag would help you get the rest of them
"previous" : null ,
"results" : [
"id" : 20812395 ,
"name" : "Sally Smith"
"email" : "sally.smith@mycompany.com"
"id" : 3335303 ,
"name" : "Jess Palmere"
"email" " jess.palmere@mycompany.com"

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Export using the Team_Membership API

Alternatively, you can use the Team_membership API to obtain all teams and their memberships with a single query. You may also use the team name or ID endpoints to narrow your query to a single team.

Once you have identified which fields you would like to export you can append the following parameter to the end of your query to export it via .csv file.

  • format=csv

Your final query will look something like this:


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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.