Archiving a channel

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Archiving a channel lets you move a channel from your personal or company channel to the archive tab on the Channels Index page. Any channel owner or channel contributor can archive a channel.

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Why should I archive a channel?

The benefits of archiving a channel include: 

  • Removing unwanted or unnecessary channels from the channel page without deleting them.
  • Keeping a channel archived to reference back to it in the future.
  • Cleaning up your personal or company channels to minimize channel clutter and keep teams focused.

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How do I archive a channel?

Before you archive a channel, please note the following:

  • You and other channel members can still find it in the archive section of the Channels Index page.
  • You cannot add any more content or members to the archived channel.
  • You can restore this channel as long as you are a contributor or owner of that channel.

To archive a channel

  1. From within your channels page, click the ••• options menu on a channel, then click the Archive option.
  2. Click the Yes, archive this channel button.
  3. The channel moves to the Archive area of the Channels Index page.

To restore an archived channel

  1. Locate the Archive tab on your channels page.
  2. Click the ••• options menu on the channel you want to restore.
  3. Click the Restore option.
  4. The channels moves from the archive area to your personal and/or company channel area.

For a visualization of archiving and restoring a channel, check out the video below.

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