Adapt and adopt

Congratulations! You've started looking at your data, asking questions, and coming up with ideas for meaningful changes you can make. Now it's time to do make those changes.

Implement one or two of your ideas to improve Coding days and watch what happens. Keep talking to your team about what you're seeing, what questions you have, and what ideas you have for improvements. Use your data in Flow as a reference for the progress you're making and keep team conversations open about how it's impacting other areas of your work.

What should I do next?

Change can take a while, and it's tempting to start working on something new. But spend some time focusing on the few changes you've decided to make for this metric. Watch for progress and changes.

When you see progress and have new questions and insights to add to your list, that's when it's time to take another step. Use the strategic direction you selected before to inspire you when deciding what your next step might be. Maybe it'll be most valuable to dig into another coding metric. Maybe PR metrics give you the insight you need to drive additional change. You might even consider taking a look at ticket metrics.

Flow, like most engineering, is about iteration. Some metrics and patterns might be easier for you to make progress on than others. But as long as you're moving toward your goal and gaining insight, you're doing what you need to do.

And that's Flow in a nutshell: pick a focus, learn, grow, implement, repeat. The world of engineering is ever-changing, and so are the things you can learn in Flow.

What's next?

Need inspiration on which reports to focus on? We'll give you some ideas to get started. 

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