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Now that your Flow plan is set up and you've established your goals, it's time to get your team members familiar with Flow.

Plan your launch

First, make sure you know your key talking points for your launch. Start with the strategic directions you selected before. Add some context about why they matter for you and your organization. The more personal and relevant you can make it for your developers, the easier it will be for them to understand why Flow will be important to them.

Next, select an announcement or Town Hall date. Some teams like to send email announcements about their new Flow initiative, and others like to have meetings with their team for the announcement. In either case:

  1. Choose who will lead the announcement. This is a great time to involve Flow's executive sponsor so it's clear how important the initiative is to your organization.
  2. Create announcement slides using your key talking points.

    Tip: Want to give more context to your team? Refer back to your answers from Know before you Flow to see what information might be helpful for them to understand your goals.

  3. Create an internal resource with all of this information, plus any links to Flow resources you've used so far. 
  4. Send an invite to your Town Hall, or send an announcement email. If you choose to have a Town Hall, it's a great idea to follow up with an additional announcement email to easily share resources.

Not sure what resources to share with your team? Here are a few suggestions:

Example launch email

Check out this example launch email for inspiration:

Subject: Introducing Pluralsight Flow


As we all know, technology moves faster every day. If we want to stay competitive and conquer the market, we need to keep pace and take every opportunity to enhance our product. We have some important goals we’re trying to achieve this year, like:

  • [insert initiative]
  • [insert initiative]
  • [insert initiative]

I’m confident that we’ll get there if we commit to constantly improving ourselves and our business. That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to Pluralsight Flow.

Pluralsight Flow helps engineering leaders transform their organizations to increase visibility, efficiency, and predictability. In addition to rich value stream data, Flow brings a proven transformation approach, deep process and talent resources, and an experienced team.

Flow pioneers a different way of measuring and communicating how software engineering work gets done in organizations like ours. Flow aggregates historical git and ticketing data into easy-to-understand insights and reports to help make our engineering teams more successful.

Flow will give you visibility into your work patterns to help you improve your day-to-day and team collaboration. Instead of opinion-based discussions about your work, Flow will use historical Git data to help you spot process improvements and concretely show your impact. 

We are very excited to use Flow so we have the data we need to increase throughput and deliver products faster.



Tip: It might be tempting to invite users to log in to Flow now, but looking at Flow for the first time can be a lot. Wait to invite users until you've completed enablement (we'll talk about that next).

What's next?

Now that you've set up your Flow plan, it's time to review your data and goals to make sure you're ready for launch.

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