Maintenance agreements

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As we've talked about before, Flow needs maintenance to keep it working. Like an oil change for a car, doing preventative maintenance with your Flow data will ensure you're able to keep receiving the insights you want and need.

To help you keep things running at their peak potential, we've created this maintenance agreement checklist. Take some time to go through this checklist with your team. Assign each action item an owner who's responsible for making sure it's kept up to date.

Maintenance agreements

Most maintenance only needs to be done quarterly or monthly, or as needed. It shouldn't take a lot of time, but it's crucial to having a good data experience in Flow. 

For each of the below items, select an owner and choose a frequency. We'll give you a recommended frequency to get you started.

Tip: Create a version of this document for your organization and document your decisions. Put the completed agreement in a place where others can access it so as new team members onboard to Flow, they know who to talk to if they have questions or need assistance with any of these items.

Data ingestion and access

  • Check service account status and access (Recommended quarterly)
  • Set up new integrations (Recommended monthly)
  • Check rate limits and integration health (Recommended monthly)
  • Check configurations for admin alerts and email reports (Recommended monthly)
  • Check repo statuses (Recommended monthly)
    • Check list of available repos to see if there's anything you should import (Recommended monthly)
  • Check ticket project statuses (Recommended monthly)
    • Check list of available repos to see if there's anything you should import (Recommended monthly)
  • SSO setup and updates (Recommended as-needed)

Project and repo updates

  • Configure and update ticket projects (Recommended monthly)
    • Set up investment layers and story points (Recommended as-needed)
  • Add repo exclusion rules (Recommended as-needed)
  • Set up incidents and deployments for DORA metrics (Recommended as-needed)

Team and user updates

  • Review your teams and set up new teams (Recommended quarterly)
  • Go through user merge suggestions and merge users (Recommended monthly)
  • Exclude users (Recommended as-needed)
  • Update roles (Recommended as-needed)

Maintenance agreement updates

  • Check this maintenance agreement for any updates (Recommended yearly)

What's next?

Now that you've set up your Flow plan, it's time to review your data and goals to make sure you're ready for launch. 

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