What's new?

You've set goals for your organization, launched to your team, and encouraged data-driven conversations. You've even talked about how to continue expanding your use of Flow. But don't forget that Flow is also constantly growing and changing—that way we can help your organization get the insights you need.

Flow platform and learning enhancements

Just like your organization, Flow is constantly evolving to better meet your needs. 

Help center resources

Flow already has a lot of reports, metrics, APIs, settings and more to help you with your goals. Use the Help Center to learn how Flow works, and to discover new functionality that might be perfect for your organization. Use it to answer questions and serve as inspiration for new reports, settings, or metrics to explore.

What's next?

Keep it up! You know how to use Flow, but there's always more to learn. Use your data to transform your organization and increase visibility, efficiency, and predictability. 

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