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You've introduced your team to Skills, organized content, begun leveraging analytics, and fostered a culture of skill development. Because your organization and your industry are dynamic, the opportunities for growth are, too. The Skills platform is constantly improving your ability to stay sharp and meet these ever-changing opportunities.

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Learn what's new in Skills

New content

With new courses being released weekly, there's always something new to help your team stay current. Check out the newest courses on the Skills home page (opens in new tab) to find content to add to your organization's channels. Encourage your learners to explore new content to add to their skill set.

Download a complete listing (.csv download, 5MB) of our courses.

Skills platform enhancements

Just like your organization, the Skills platform is constantly evolving to better meet your needs. Check out release notes often for new experiences in the Skills platform.

Stay ahead of the tech curve by joining our Pluralsight + A Cloud Guru product release webinar (opens in new tab) to introduce you to what’s new in Pluralsight Skills and ACG.

Helpful resources

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Nurture new hires

When you rolled out Skills to your team, you shared welcome emails, introductory videos, and other resources to help them come up to speed on using the platform. Don't forget to share these same resources with new team members as your team grows.

For your convenience, all the tools and links shared throughout the Skills leader resources are repeated in All resources as a one-stop reference.

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Leverage the Help Center

When you have questions about using Skills, visit the Help Center to find help with tasks, such as:

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What's next

Find resources. See all email templates, poster downloads, and challenge ideas to increase learning in your organization.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.