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Take the platform to the next level by leveraging powerful analytics to drive growth toward your organization's strategic goals.

This article covers analytics specific to Tech Foundations. If you're on a plan with add-on Tech Foundations licenses, see Skills analytics in the Admin success center for information about the analytics available in Skills.

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Learn how analytics can support growth

What is analytics?

Tech Foundations analytics allow you to see how your learners are progressing toward topic learning, which assessments they've passed, and which topics are most popular within your plan.

Plan admins have full access to analytics. Team managers can also see a limited view, depending on their permissions.

Using analytics as an admin

As an admin, you can use the Tech Foundations analytics to learn how your organization is using Tech Foundations in 30 seconds or less, giving you the big picture quickly.

You can examine each set of analytics on the dashboard to determine tech skill development, and help you quantify the impact Tech Foundations is having on your business objectives. Quickly see which topics your learners are watching most, which assessments have the highest pass rate, and the overall usage of Tech Foundations assessments and topic videos.

Using analytics as a plan admin or team manager

As a plan admin or team manager, you have the potential to make a huge impact on your learners' tech skill development. By looking at your own team's analytics, you can discover how your team learns best.

Do they respond to challenges to pass a specific assessment by a certain time? Do they respond to the challenge to be the first in the organization to complete all assessments?

To get an even deeper look into analytics, visit the analytics dashboard (opens in new tab).

First steps with analytics

Learn the first thing you should look at in analytics, as soon as you get data.

Note: Some analytics categories aren't available to standalone license plans. These categories include Skills Inventory, Channels, and Roles.

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Share the value of Tech Foundations with your team

Show your team the impact of Pluralsight

Being able to align your organization's initiatives to specific learning goals can have an enormous impact on your team’s success. Gather analytics for which topic is the most popular or how many people are using the program.

Email your organization and share how Pluralsight is affecting the long-term outcomes that are important to your organization. Use analytics and data from your dashboard or collect learner anecdotes to share.

Share your team's successes

Team members need to feel excited about using Skills to stay engaged and committed to their goals. By regularly sharing successes around learning benchmarks and skill progress, you can keep your leaders and learners motivated.

What kind of information can you share to keep the momentum going? Here are a few ideas:

  • Tech topic knowledge development successes that tie back to your key initiatives
  • Individual learning stories backed by data from analytics
    • Number of topics completed
    • Assessment results across the organization
    • Learners who have passed all assessments
  • Stories about how learning impacts your organization as a whole
    • Are you more conversant in an important tech topic than you were before?
    • Did the assessments help you figure out where you could strengthen your knowledge?

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What's next

Encourage learning. Foster a culture of learning, recognize your top learners, and give those who need it an extra nudge.

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