Skills assessment FAQ for admins

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What if scores are lower than expected?

Because the Skills Assessment tests a wide range of skill sets, it is likely that employees will score higher in some areas than others. If an employee scores lower than their self-assessment, this is common and doesn’t mean the employee isn’t skilled.

Most employees are able to catch up and move quickly through their first set of courses.

What are groups and how can I use them when inviting participants?

Placing students into groups allows an admin a more granular view of their team results. This feature will be available shortly after launch. Check out our article to learn more about inviting participants to groups.

Why can’t I see individual results?

There are two primary reasons why you can’t see individual results:

  1. In some countries, displaying individual result is considered a breach of privacy for the student.

  2. Displaying individual results could deter students from wanting to participate in the Skills Assessment as they might be concerned that the results will be used against them.

We encourage collaborating with your team to determine learning recommendations and next steps.

What if a student missed their deadline to take the Skills Assessment?

Nothing to fear! You can resend invites to those who missed the deadline. Be sure to link them to the same group so you can see their results along with the rest of their team.

Questions left unanswered? Contact our Support team and we’ll be happy to help! If you're a student who would like help understanding skills assessments, check out the Skills Assessments FAQ for learners.

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