Skills assessment FAQ for learners

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How does the Skills Assessment work?

The Skills Assessment is an evolving assessment that helps us identify any skills gaps and establish a baseline for your knowledge.  See Taking the Skills Assessment for more information. 

Can I pause the Skills Assessment?

To ensure that we gather the most accurate data, and to best simulate an exam experience, the Skills Assessment cannot be paused once started. Make sure to set aside enough time to take the assessment without interruption.

What if I don’t complete the assessment in the allotted time?

If you’ve reached the time limit, don't worry. The questions you have answered will still help us in determining your skill set.

How many questions does the Skills Assessment have?

The total number of questions varies based on your answers, so we aren't able to determine ahead of time how many questions you’ll get.

Can I see if my questions were right or wrong?

This Skills Assessment is used to identify the courses you should start with. What you missed will be covered in the courses recommended to you. Once in a course, you can take practice exams to identify your specific knowledge gaps.

Can I retake the Skills Assessment?

The Skills Assessment can only be taken once, however our course practice exams can be taken as many times as you want.

Can I access my results later?

Not at this time. If you intend to share or keep the results, we recommend printing or taking a screenshot of them.

Are the results tied to my A Cloud Guru account?

The Skills Assessment results do not currently tie to your A Cloud Guru account.

Is the Skills Assessment just for AWS skills?

No, the Skills Assessment supports both AWS and Azure.

What does each “Level” relate to?

The following table provides example characteristics of each learner level. Levels are used in the design and production of our course curriculums and learning paths to ensure content is taught at an appropriate level.


Learners at this level:


  • Understand fundamental Cloud Computing concepts and ideas.


  • Navigate the appropriate vendor GUI.
  • Have a basic understanding of security and core Cloud services.


  • Have hands-on experience building Cloud solutions.
  • Have a practical understanding of security.
  • Have exposure to more advanced topics such as containers and serverless.
  • Can often analyze and evaluate different architectural options.


  • Have a thorough understanding of building scalable infrastructure and applications.
  • Can effectively evaluate architecture and technological options.
  • Understand the trade-offs between various solutions.


  • Have an advanced understanding of Cloud Computing.
  • Demonstrate expert knowledge of security, networking, DevOps and infrastructure.
  • Have the ability to propose new and innovative solutions.
  • Have a strong understanding of architecture, trade-offs, cost, and people considerations.

I’ve got my results, now what?

Your admin will work to create the appropriate learning path based on your team’s results.

Don’t forget to check out the Taking the Skills Assessment article for more information.

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