Azure cloud sandbox

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The Azure Cloud Sandbox is meant to provide a real, open Azure environment for you to learn by doing and cloud along with ACG courses. We allow a variety of tools and services within Azure, so you have as many choices as possible when working through your training. Follow along with some labs, practice certain areas or just explore!

Offered services limitations

We try to minimize the limitations of our Cloud Sandboxes to provide the most comprehensive training opportunity possible. Unfortunately, there are some limits to what we can provide. Refer to the list below for specific limits we enforce on our Azure Cloud Sandbox. You will be alerted when you don't have access.

Available Azure Regions

Our Azure sandboxes are able to deploy in the following regions:

  • West US
  • East US
  • Central US
  • South Central US

Azure compute

  • No Availability Sets
  • No Proximity Placement Groups
  • No Snapshots

Virtual machines

  • SKU Allowlist

The following VM SKUs are allowed for use within the Azure sandbox. No other VM types will be available for use or launch within the sandbox:

  • Standard_A1_v2
  • Standard_B1ms
  • Standard_B2ms
  • Standard_B2s
  • Standard_D1_v2
  • Standard_DS1
  • Standard_A0
  • Standard_B1s
  • Standard_DS1_v2
  • Standard_D2
  • Standard_D2s_v3

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Unavailable services

  • Azure Active Directory (AD)
  • Azure Classic Services
  • Azure IoT services
  • Azure Spring service
  • Azure Stack
  • Azure Support
  • Batch Accounts
  • Blueprint Assignments
  • Capacity Reservations
  • Cognitive Services
  • Consumption Service
  • Cost Management
  • DataBricks
  • Data Box
  • DDos Protection Plans
  • ExpressRoute
  • HDInsight
  • Import/Export
  • Recovery Services
  • Redis Cache
  • Subscription Management

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Cloud playground abuse

Cloud Playground is for educational purposes. We actively monitor Cloud Playground for abusive, prohibited, or otherwise un-awesome behavior. We don't provide the specifics of how or what we look for to prevent workarounds. The purpose of this abuse detection is to ensure compliance with our Terms of Use (opens in new tab) agreed upon at sign up.

A few examples of abuse are listed below. This list is not comprehensive, so if you have any questions on your activity, please contact our Support team (opens email form) prior to starting the activity.

  • Incorrect instance type
  • Ten or more virtual machines created at a time
  • Ten or more vCPU across all virtual machines
  • Attempting to use resources for Bitcoin mining
  • Excessive network traffic
  • DDoS or port scanning external hosts

Have fun, learn, but also be respectful please.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.