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Application Data Backups

The majority of the settings and data for Flow is stored in the database that you configured as part of the installation.  To backup this data, we recommend that you backup the database according to your company's backup policies using your chosen backup platform.  Some recommendations:

  1. Perform a full backup of the database at least once a month.
  2. Perform incremental backups daily.
  3. Be sure that the backup technology you use will backup and restore  users, permissions, views, triggers, tables, and schemas.
  4. The backups should be encrypted and protected using your company's security policies and procedures.

Settings Data Backups

For data not stored in the database, there is currently no way to back this up.  It is stored as part of the Replicated engine, and they do not yet provide us with a mechanism to export or import this data.  However, this data is static and does not change as part of application functionality.  We recommend the following:

  1. Document all of the settings you configure, especially:
    • TLS/SSL Certificates
    • The e-mail server settings
    • BitBucket Cloud credentials
    • GitHub Cloud credentials
    • GitLab Cloud credentials
    • Database hostname, name, and credentials.
  2. You should store certificates and credentials in a secure storage facility like LastPass, 1Password, or SecretSafe.  Your company most likely has one of these it prefers, you should utilize it.

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