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Badges help you stay committed to your learning goals and celebrate your accomplishments while developing new and deeper skills. 

Your trophy case showcases the badges you've earned and allows you to check your progress on unearned badges. You'll receive in-app notifications for newly earned badges.

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To find your badges, scroll to the Your badges widget on the right side of your home page. Click a badge to view more information about it in your trophy case, or click the View all link to view all badges in your trophy case.

For another way to access your badges, click your avatar in the top right corner of Skills, then click Trophy case from the drop-down menu.

Badge typeDescriptionHow it's calculated
ExplorerHighlights key experiences you've interacted with on the Skills platform.Calculated based on interactions with particular experiences such as first video, interests, path, etc. in the Skills platform.
Completion achievementsAwarded for each video course or lab you complete.Calculated based on whether each clip in a video course has been viewed or a lab is 100% complete.

Click a completion badge to see recommendations based on that completed course or lab.

Note: Completion badges will not appear for courses that are exclusive to an account or company.
View timeTime viewed learning on Skills.Calculated based on the amount of time spent watching course content. For example, if a video is five minutes long and you watch it all, five minutes is added to your total badge progress. Watching at a faster or slower speed doesn't change the total view time.

Re-watching counts toward your view time total.

Note: You must sync your offline mobile data in order for your view time to count.
Limited edition badgesOnly available to earn for a limited time.Calculation varies by badge, but these awards are time-driven and challenge you to complete a task before a certain date. Check back often to see what you can earn.
Learning streaksLearning back-to-back on Skills.Calculated based on consecutive days, weeks, or months of activity. A week runs Monday to Sunday. A streak includes watching video courses, completing Skill IQs, and working on projects (first time only).

A streak is counted for each unique pair of days, weeks, or months. Learning two days in a row equals one time achieving a two-day streak. If you learn on three consecutive days/months, then only a single back-to-back badge is awarded. The middle day/month can only be used in combination with the first day/month or the third day/month, but not both. You would need to learn for one more consecutive day/month to obtain a second back-to-back badge.

Example: You learn from January to March. Because February can only be counted once in a pair, January to February counts toward your learning streak badge progress, but February to March doesn’t. You would need to learn in April to earn a second streak.

Weekly goals*Setting and hitting your weekly view time goals.Calculated based on the times you set on your goal-setting profile. Every week you achieve your view time goal will count one time toward your total yearly goals.
Expand your explorationChallenges you to explore more of the Skills platform through Skill IQs.Calculated based on number of Skill IQs taken, number of Skill IQ retakes, or number of Skill IQs taken with the Beta tag.

*Goal setting is not available to all plan types.

Want to celebrate and share your accomplishments? Click an earned badge, then click Share to share your badge on your favorite social media platform.

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