Big data course lab costs

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Wherever possible we design our labs to take advantage of the AWS Free Tier rebate offering to help keep the cost of training to a minimum. However sometimes this is simply not possible due to the services, or scale of the testing. In such cases wherever possible we remind students that some services are not covered by Free Tier.

Certified Big Data - Specialty 2017

This course experiments with several high capacity and large volume services. In order to learn and understand how to handle large volumes it is necessary to have a lab environment that contains representational volumes and data types. As a result students will incur some costs.

How much cost will depend on how much they experiment, and how diligent they are about housekeeping. Please refer to our Cost management KB at this link Cost Control KB for more information on cost reporting, alerting and housekeeping. It will introduce you to useful tooling and alerts to help you avoid any nasty surprises.

Based on a single run through of the lab following the recommendations and good housekeeping, we anticipate the cost to complete this course to be less than $11-12 for the duration of the labs only. If you run these resources longer than how long it takes to do the labs, then the charges will be higher

This is broken down as follows:

$3.00 USD for the duration of the lab
$2.50 USD for the duration of the lab
EMR lab: m3.xlarge
$2.50 USD for the duration of the lab
m4.xlarge instance
$0.60 USD for the duration of generating the data
S3 storage
$0.50 USD per month
EBS volume$1 for the duration of running the data generation instance and then copying the data to S3 and terminating the instance once the data has been copied successfully.

The total number will change as as labs are added and altered, however it should always be in this range.

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