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Sometimes the connection to a Git host or repo becomes invalid. This could be an authentication issue or the repos could have been moved, renamed or deleted. 

How do I know if my repository is not updating?

Step 1: You can see all repo connectivity issues when viewing your imported repos. On your Flow home page, go to the top navigation bar and click Settings. Using the left navigation under Integrations, click Repos

Step 2: Once you're on the Repos page, if any of your repos are not updating you will find an alert under the Status column next to the repo. You will also see alerts on the individual repo page. There are two alerts you might see. 

Unable to update repo:

If you see this error, it means that the most recent attempts to update your repos, have not been successful. The Last Updated date will reflect the last time the repo was fully updated. 

In the example above the repo “development2.0”, was last updated 3 days ago.  You can see the same message on the repo page. 

Blocked Repos/Error Processing Repo

After multiple failed attempts to update your repo, due to a lost connection, the repo will be blocked and contain the following error message Error processing repo. Please contact support.

You can see the same message on the repo page that also shows you when the repo was last successfully updated. In this example the “development2.0” repo was last updated 4 days ago. 

Troubleshooting Blocked/Unable to Update Repositories

There are many reasons why a connection to your repository may have been lost. Below is a list of some common reasons and solutions. 

The repo has been deleted from your Git host. 

 Solution: If your repo has been deleted from your Git host, you then, can simply delete it from your Flow account

The repo has been renamed. 

Solution: If your repo has been renamed in your Git host, you will need to delete the blocked repo from your Flow account in order to import it again under it’s new name. 

The repo has been moved. 

  • Solution: If your repo has been moved to another project in your Git host, you will need to delete the blocked repo and re-import it under its new location. 

The owner of the repo is no longer with with the company. 

  • Solution: If the blocked repo was imported by a user that no longer exists within your company, you will need to transfer the repos to a new or existing Integration that has access and permission to these repos. For more information on transferring repos to another Integration see Managing repositories.   

Owner’s permissions have been changed within the Git host. 

  • Solution: Sometimes user permissions change within your Git host at the repo level. Double check that the user has adequate permissions for the repo and try updating the repo again. 

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