Bulk import events and calendars

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If you have a calendar and events that you would like to view in Flow you can bulk import your calendar via a .csv file. Follow the instructions below to import your events and calendars into Flow.

Bulk importing calendars

Prepare a .csv file with the following columns:

  • Calendar Name
  • Event Name
  • Start Date/Time
  • End Date/Time
  • Timezone
  • All Day
  • Category
  • Hide

Your file should look something like this:

Step 1: Once you have your file navigate to the Settings menu. Under Report Settings click Calendars.

Tip: Calendars is a permission based feature. You need to have the Manage calendars permission in order to view, create and import calendars.

Step 2: Click Bulk Upload (.csv).

Step 3: A modal will appear that will prompt you to choose a file to import.

Step 4: Make sure to make changes to these settings before proceeding.

  • Overwrite items if found - This will overwrite existing events/calendars if they overlap with events/calendars in the .csv file.
  • Add calendars if not found - This will add any new calendars that do not already exist in your account.

Step 5: Click Next to import your file.

Step 6: Confirm your import by clicking Yes, Import

Step 7: If no errors were found with your file you will see the following success message:

If errors were found you will see a message with a link to view the results of your upload. Click the See detailed results to view the fields/rows that need edits.

You are done with the import.  Congratulations!

Tips & Next Steps

If you created new calendars, you may want to:

  • Check the group type and show on properties.
    • Group Type: Determines whether the events are relevant for the whole organization (Org) or just for certain teams (Group).

    • Show On:  Determines where the events for that calendar will be visible.  Either in the Date Picker, on the Reports, Both or None.

  • Subscribe teams to those calendars to be sure that the events are visible to relevant teams.

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