Calendar details

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The Calendar details page allows you to see specific calendar related details that is not found on the Calendars page. Find an overview of what can be found on the Calendar details page below.

Calendar details

The Calendar Details page will allow you to take the following actions:

  1. Edit the calendar name, description type and visibility.
  2. View, add and manage calendar events.
  3. View and manage team subscriptions

1. Edit the calendar details

Step 1: On the Calendar details page, click the Edit link next to the calendar's image.

Step 2: In this modal you can edit the following information:

A. Name

B. Description

C. Calendar Type: organization or group

D. Show On - Change calendar visibility (reports and/or date picker)

2. View, add and manage calendar events.

Under the Event tab you can view and manage events.

A. Add event

B. View an existing event

C. Show or Hide Events - This will determine whether the event is visible in your reports.

D. Remove an event - This will delete the event.

E. Makes changes to multiple events. Using the drop down menu you can

  • Delete events
  • Change the event category
  • Update show/hide

3. View and manage team subscriptions

Team subscriptions is only applicable to calendars that are group calendars. Any organization-level calendar will not need team subscription since events on these calendars will be visible across the entire organization. On this tab you can perform the following actions:

A. Subscribe teams - add teams to the calendar

B. Unsubscribe/Remove teams from the calendar

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