Calendar subscriptions

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Calendar subscriptions enable you to assign specific calendars to teams. You can assign teams to sprint calendars, team specific calendars, vacation and time off calendars and more. Learn how to subscribe teams to calendars below.

Subscribe teams to calendars

Once you have created a group calendar and all its associated events, you might want to subscribe to specific teams to this calendar. Subscribing to a team to a calendar will enable you to visualize these calendar events only when you are filtered to the specific team in your reports.

Tip: You can only subscribe teams to calendars that are specified as Group calendars.

Step 1: Locate and navigate to a group Calendar.

Step 2: On the Calendar details page, select the Subscriptions tab.

Step 3: Click Subscribe teams

Step 4: A modal will appear where you will need to search for the team you want to add to the calendar.

Step 5: Once you have located and clicked on your team you have the option of subscribing any nested teams if applicable. Click Subscribe when you are done adding your teams.

Step 6: Success! You have subscribed your teams to the calendar.

You will see the teams under your Subscriptions as well as any nested teams:

Step 7: To view these events for your subscribed teams navigate to the Project timeline report and filter to one of your subscribed teams.

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