How can a learner accept a group plan invite if they already have a Pluralsight account?

If your learner already has a Pluralsight account or subscription, they can bring their learning history, Skill IQ results, and notes with them to a group plan. 

How to invite a learner who is already on a Pluralsight subscription

Before you send a plan invitation to a learner, verify the following details:

  • The learner isn't a member of any other group plans.
  • The learner doesn't have an active individual subscription. 
  • The learner has removed access to any partnerships, such as Visual Studio.

Tip: If the learner visits this link and sees an active subscription, have them email to cancel their subscription.

After verifying the above information, send the group plan invitation to the learner.

  1. Send the invitation to your learner's email address that you would like them to use for the group plan. This is usually the learner's company email address.
  2. Once the learner accepts the invitation, have them set up their account using their existing Pluralsight password and personal email address.

Now the learner's existing account is associated with the business plan, and they can log in using their company email address. All other linked emails on their account can be also be used to log in.

What if I already emailed them the invitation before they canceled their subscription?

The learner should follow these steps:

  1. Click the Accept Invite button in the invite email. For admins or managers, click the Get Started button.
  2. View the Existing Active Subscription notification and click on the Request support box to automatically send a request to our Support team.

Our Support team will contact your learner through their existing account email for more information. Once complete, your learner will receive a final email to accept the plan invite.

Important: It’s not possible to merge Pluralsight accounts. This means that if your learner accepts the invitation and creates a new account, we’re unable to merge their viewing history of their personal account with their new account on your business plan. Please contact if you have a learner with two accounts.

If you or your learner need additional help, please contact

If you need help, please email for 24/7 assistance.