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What is a Challenge Lab in a Practice Exam?

It’s a chance to test your ability using a hands-on approach! Similar to our Challenge mode for Hands-On Labs: complete an objective independently then check your work after submitting.

Not familiar with Hands-On Labs? Read more here.

Which Practice Exams contain Challenge Labs?

You can partake in the Challenge Lab on the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate 2020 Practice Exam.

Keep an eye out for more Practice Exams receiving Challenge Labs soon!

How many labs are available per Practice Exam?

Currently, the Practice Exam contains one Challenge Lab.

Hungry for more? We are too! Expect to see more labs available in the near future.

What portion of the overall score does the Challenge Lab make up?

The Challange Lab portion of the exam is currently 21% of the overall score.

Can I take Challenge Labs on mobile?

Challenge Labs are only available on the desktop site.

If you take a practice exam on a mobile device, the Challenge Lab portion of the exam will be skipped. You will only be graded on the question portion of the exam.

This will not have an effect on your overall score, as the Challenge Lab will not be included in the scoring process.

Which membership tiers include Challenge Labs for Practice Exams?

All paid tiers have access; Challenge Labs in Practice Exams are included in your membership cost.

Can I go back to the question portion of the exam after starting a Challenge Lab?

A Challenge Lab can only be started after the question portion of the Practice Exam has been submitted. Make sure to get all your questions answered before starting the lab.

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