Setting channel objectives and privacy levels

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Channel settings allow you to adjust your channel’s privacy settings and add objectives to align with your team's goals.

See also Editing channels for other ways you can modify and customize your channels for both business plans and individual subscriptions.

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Setting the privacy level

Note: Only the channel owner can set or change the privacy level of a channel. See Understanding the different roles in channels for more details.

You can determine who within your organization can view a channel by setting the privacy level.

  1. Click Channels at the top of nearly every page
  2. Open a channel.
  3. Beneath the channel title, click Edit Channel.
  4. Set the Privacy level to one of the following:
    • Personal—You & people with the link
    • Company
  5. If you select Company, you will see these optional advanced settings below:
    • Include in Analytics
    • Display in employee’s “Company” channels

If you choose Company, your channel will be available to anyone in the company.

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Adding and customizing channel objectives

When you create or edit a channel as a plan admin or team manager, you have the opportunity to add an objective. On team plans, objectives are a way to label your channel to align with your team's goals.

Channel objectives appear with a target icon on the channels page, and also appear in channels analytics. You can sort channels analytics by objectives and see how your teams are progressing toward your company's objectives.

example of a channel with an Onboarding objective

There are three default objectives: Onboarding, Switching technology, and Skilling up. Custom objectives can be created by team managers and plan admins.

To add an objective

  1. Click Create Channel. A dialog box will appear.
  2. Add a title for the channel.
  3. Set an objective.
    • Select an objective from the Objective dropdown menu
    • Type a new objective name and click Create objective. Note that objectives are case-sensitive and that other team managers and plan admins will be able to see and use your objective
  4. Add a description (optional) and select desired privacy level.
  5. Click the blue Done button.
Screenshot of the edit channel dialog box

If you wish to edit the settings of a channel, open the channel and click the blue Edit Channel button located below the channel title. If you wish to edit an objective’s text across all channels with that objective, you will need to edit all affected channels.

Note: A plan admin or team manager cannot edit an objective if they created the channel as private to them, and then transferred the channel's ownership to someone else without maintaining contributor access.

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