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Channels analytics lets you monitor your team's progress along each of your company's channels.

In this article, we'll give an overview of the data and report features of basic channels analytics. For users with additional channels analytics features, check out our advanced channels analytics article.

Who can use this?

Managers:  +
Admins:  +
+ Available as a plan add-on

What you can do

Channels analytics gives you a snapshot of your learners' channel usage. These snapshots help:

  • Find your most-viewed channels
  • See channels that are currently being watched
  • See the total hours of Pluralsight Skills content in each channel

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Web report

To get started, log in to your Pluralsight Skills account and click on the Analytics link in the left pane navigation. Next, click the Channels link in the top center panel.

Tip: You can also get to channels analytics from your Account Dashboard. Scroll down to the channels visualization, and click the Details link.

  1. View the list of channels. Click any of these labels to sort by that field, and click again to toggle between ascending and descending. The data fields include:
  2. Search and filter by channel name, objective, or owner.
  3. The default display is channels with more than 1 member, which improves page load time. To see all channels, click the >1 member drop-down menu and click All channels.
  4. The default display is all users on your plan. To filter to a specific team, click the All users drop-down menu and select a team.
  5. Download a CSV report of data collected about all channels.

What happens when I click on a channel in channels analytics?

  • Professional group plan admins: Clicking into a channel shows the overall time duration of a channel, the number of members, and the average completion of the channel.
  • Enterprise group plan admins: Clicking into a channel shows all the information that Professional has, as well as your members who’ve viewed the channel, which team they're on, if they can view or edit the channel, the date that they joined the channel, last activity, and how much they’ve watched in the channel. Read our advanced channels analytics article to discover more.

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CSV report

Both Enterprise and Professional group plans have access to the basic channels report download in the upper right-hand side of the screen ("E" in screenshot above).

This csv report is updated in real-time with all active learners on your plan. The channels analytics report can help answer questions such as:

  • What are my most-watched and most-joined channels?
  • Who creates the most channels on my group plan?
  • What are all my organization's channels with a "Skilling up" objective?
  • Which channels are watched all the way through?
  • Which channels don't have much traction?

Data fields include:

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Common questions

Q; Which learners are part of this report? Does it show learners that have been removed?

A: This report shows the learners that are currently on your plan and who are members of the channel. Learners that have been removed won't appear in the report.

What do team managers see in channels analytics?

Team managers see the full list of channels in channels analytics. When a team manager clicks on a channel to view advanced channel analytics, they see the learners on their team that are channel members, as well as their progress—even if they haven't watched any content.

If a team manager clicks on a channel that doesn't have any team members as channel members, the team manager will see the message, "It looks like none of your team members are in this channel."

Is this a real-time report?

Yes, all data is real-time on the channels report. 

How do I hide a channel from analytics, or from the company channels view?

Note: You must be the channel creator or group plan admin to edit these settings.

Go to Channels, then create or edit a channel.

  1. Use the Include in Analytics checkbox to include or hide the channel from analytics (default is checked).
  2. Use the Display in employee's "Company" channels checkbox to display or hide the channel from the company channels view (default is unchecked).

Can I choose just a certain date range?

Both the channels analytics page and the channels CSV report download show all-time channels usage.

Do people on my team plan who watch courses on a channel without joining it appear in channels analytics?

No, your learners must be members of the channel to appear in channels analytics and the report download.

Company-wide channels and sharing a link with a learner do not cause your learners to become members of those channels; they must click Join or be added as channel members to have their progress tracked in channels analytics and the channels report download.

When a channel’s share status goes from "private to the business" to "anyone you share the link with," does that channel get removed from the channels analytics?

Yes, the channel will be removed from analytics.

If you change the channel back to "private to the business," the channel will re-appear in channels analytics, and all the viewing data will be restored and visible.

Remember, only channel members' progress will display in channel analytics. Progress from learners on your team plan who aren't in the channel will not display in channel analytics, regardless of whether the channel is "private to the business" or "anyone you share the link with."

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Next steps

You now know the basics of channels analytics. Enterprise users, please explore our advanced channels analytics article.

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