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Channels analytics lets you monitor your team's progress along each of your company's channels.

In this article, we'll give an overview of the data and report features of advanced channels analytics. Before reading, we recommend reading about basic channels analytics.

Who can use this?

Managers:   +
Admins:   +
+ Available as a plan add-on

What you can do

Advanced channels analytics gives you a detailed view of your team members' channel usage for each channel. This data helps you:

  • See all members' individual progress in a channel
  • See which members have completed a channel's courses
  • See when team members joined the channel

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Web report

To get started:

  1. Click Analytics in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click the Channels tab in the top center panel.
  3. Click a channel title in the Channels table.
  1. The Overview shows you the following data:
  2. You can customize both the web and CSV reports with the Teams filter. The default display is all users on your plan.
  3. You can download a CSV report of of your advanced channel analytics data (discussed below).
  4. The Members table shows your channel's members. You can click any of the labels to sort by that field, and click again to toggle between ascending and descending. The data fields include:

Note: Only members of the channel are shown in this view and in the CSV report. So learners who watch courses that are in the channel—but aren't members of the channel—don't appear in channels analytics.

Tip: You can filter members by typing a name in the search box on the right.

  1. You can click the expander caret for any member to display or hide their Member drawer, containing the following data fields:

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CSV report

View more details about your advanced channels analytics with the CSV report download. To download the CSV, click the download icon next to the Teams filter.

The CSV report is updated in real-time with all active learners on your plan. The report can help answer questions such as:

  • Within a channel, what courses has each of my channel members viewed?
  • When did each of my channel members last watch each course, and did they complete it?
  • I want to streamline my channel. Do I have any courses in my channel that are also in a path in my channel, that I can remove?

Data fields for each channel member include:

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Common questions

Do external videos and articles with time durations get tracked in advanced channels analytics?

Advanced channel analytics and the CSV report show the time duration that the channel creator assigned to the video or article. For example, if the link has a duration of one hour, your channel member will be credited one hour when they click on the link.

At this time, we track if the member clicked the external link, but we don't track how much time they spent on that external resource.

Users analytics will not be updated based on the external link time duration. That data is unique to channels analytics.

What do team managers see in channels analytics?

Team managers see the full list of channels in channels analytics. When a team manager clicks on a channel to view advanced channel analytics, they will see the learners on their team that are channel members, as well as their progress—even if they haven't watched any content.

If a team manager clicks on a channel that doesn't have any team members as channel members, the team manager will see the message, "It looks like none of your team members are in this channel."

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