Understanding the different roles in channels

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If you use channels in a team plan, you may be the channel owner, a contributor, or a member. Plan admins and team managers have certain privileges in a channel that non-admin channel owners and contributors don't. Let's break down channel roles and see what you can do based on your role.

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Channel roles

There are three channel roles: member, contributor and owner. Their privileges are as follows:

  • Channel member: Learner who has joined the channel. There can be multiple channel members.
  • Channel contributor: Someone who has joined the channel and has been given certain editing privileges. There can be multiple channel contributors.
  • Channel owner: Usually the user who created the channel, unless they transferred ownership to someone else. The owner has the most editing privileges in the channel, including changing privacy settings and deleting the channel. There can be only one channel owner.
Leave channel* 
Add and remove content 
Add and remove members** 
Edit channel name, description, and objective
Promote others to contributor 
Transfer channel ownership*  
Delete channel  
Change channel privacy settings  

* See Transferring ownership, below.

**See Adding members, below.

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Transferring ownership

If a channel owner leaves the team plan, members will lose access to the channel. To prevent this, the channel owner should assign a new channel owner prior to leaving the plan by following these steps:

  1. Open the channel where you want to change owners.
  2. Add the new owner to the channel if they’re not already a member.
  3. Click the avatar(s) on the right side of the screen.

  4. Use the drop down menu next to the new owner and select Make owner. At this point, the old owner is downgraded to a contributor.

If your team plan has had a channel owner leave before the channel can be transferred, causing the loss of a channel, please reach out to Pluralsight Support (opens email form) with details.

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Adding members

Any learner can copy and share the channel link with others. Others in the team plan can join the channel once they have the link.

Both the channel owner and channel contributors can add any plan learners. Plan admins and team managers can also bulk-edit learners in a channel. See Adding channel members, contributors, and owners for more information.

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Channel privileges for leaders

Plan admins and team managers have certain privileges in a channel that non-admin channel owners and contributors don’t.

PrivilegeTeam managerPlan admin
Set a channel to display in Company channels
Add a whole team to a channel at once*
Add the whole plan to a channel at once 
Enable Company channels for plan 

* Team managers can only add their own team(s) to a channel.

Note: Plan admins and team managers don’t need a Skills license to create a channel. They can't watch the content without a Skills license, but they can do the following:

  • Create a channel
  • View channel analytics
  • Add or remove content, members, and contributors to the channel

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.