Chapter 2—Import and manage your data

Tags: Flow

Chapter 2—Import and manage your data

Tags: Flow

To prepare for adding integrations, start with the configurations guide on Settings home.  Follow our integration guides and video guides to help guide you through the process. Return to these guides at any time. If you need help connecting to your repositories for the first time, email

Pull in your data

Once you've completed the first three configurations on Settings home, you are ready to pull in your data. Follow steps 4 and 5 on Settings home to import and manage your integrations and repositories.

Add integration

On Settings home, Add integration. Create a service account if you have not already done so. Then click the Add integrations button. Follow the guide for integrating the provider, authenticating, and naming the integration. For a guide on specific integrations, see our integration guides

Watch the video guide to view the complete process on creating an integration

Importing your repos

Next, move to step 5 to import repos. Click the Import repos button. Follow the guidance to import repos. Learn more about managing repos

Note: Start by adding a few repos or smaller repos so data integrates faster. You can always add more later. Adding too many repos or very large repos may slow integration.

Watch the video guide to view the complete process of importing repos. 

For more step-by-step videos about Flow, check out our Flow Getting Started video series.

Managing your data 

Once you've created your integrations and imported your repositories, you should see data in your reports. You are now ready to manage your report data.

Check out how to:

If you've set up a ticket integration with Jira or Rally, here's how to manage your ticket projects.

What's next?

Once you've imported your repos, you should start seeing data in reports. To use your reports effectively, you need to organize your users and teams. It's time to get your people organized

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