Chapter 4—Understand metrics and reports

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Flow metrics

Understanding Flow's metrics is critical to understanding what to do with the data you get from reports. When you understand metrics, you better understand how your team is working to identify and focus on the work that matters the most.

Use our Flow metrics overview to understand:

  • What our metrics are
  • How they're calculated
  • Why you should use them
  • How to know what is normal for the industry.

Good metrics in Flow give you a good way to show how your teams are delivering meaningful solutions efficiently. Learn more about what gaming the metrics looks like for Flow and why it can be a good idea.

Flow reports

Once you understand how Flow metrics work, it’s time to start taking a look at Flow reports. Check out our guide on Flow reports to see all the reports that Flow offers. You can also see who can benefit from those reports and how to configure your reports so you see the data you want.

What's next?

Looking for more ways to customize your Flow experience? Let's set up some additional configurations.

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