Chapter 5—Additional configurations

Tags: Flow

Now that you’ve learned about Flow's metrics and reports, set up configurations for finer control of your organization's Flow experience.

  • Set up Admin alerts for blocked repos and merge user suggestions to recognize common problems and avoid inaccurate data.
  • Use calendars to define sprints and key events. Calendars visualize organization-level events in your reports down to team-level events and meetings.
  • Create a slack integration to create and send messages from Flow. Set rules that analyze specific teams or individuals and send messages triggered by changes in their metrics or work patterns. Customize these messages and send them to any public or individual channel in your Slack workspace.
  • Set coding targets to configure custom targets for your team and compare them to industry benchmarks.
  • Sign up for digest emails to get a roundup of your team's daily and weekly deliveries. Sign up for email reporting to get Flow metrics in your inbox.

What's next?

Now that you've set additional configurations, check out Flow Academy for more ways to gain insight from Flow data.

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