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With the Pluralsight Google Chrome extension, you can search for Pluralsight Skills content in your moment of need. Beyond searching from the extension, you can also quickly go from a Google search or a Stack Overflow search to the relevant search in Pluralsight.  

Important: Anyone can install and search from the extension, but if you select a piece of content to view, you’ll need to log in to your Pluralsight account if you haven't already. 

Installing the extension

To install the Pluralsight Google Chrome extension, visit the Chrome Web Store and search Pluralsight.

When you’ve found the extension, click Add to Chrome. Accept the warnings to allow permissions and click Add Extension.

What data does Pluralsight see?

The Pluralsight Chrome Extension only collects search queries from users on the extension to give more optimized search results.

Individually identifiable information is randomized. No browsing activity or identifiable user data is collected.

Using the extension

To use the extension in the Chrome browser, click the Pluralsight icon to the right of the address bar. As you type a query, the extension will return recommendations. There are two tabs you can view:

Content will show you a list of Video Courses, Paths, Projects, Interactive Courses, and Guides that match your search terms. 

Clips will show you specific clips from video courses that match your search terms.

Tip: If you’re looking for general information about a topic or wanting to learn a lot, Content might be the right tab for you. If you’re looking for a very specific piece of information, try the Clips view.

Note: There is no plan admin or team functionality on the Google Chrome extension.

When you find a piece of content that interests you, click on it to open a new browser window that will take you to the piece of content.

More ways to use the extension

With the extension, there are a couple other ways it’s easier to search for Pluralsight content.

When you make a search in Google, you’ll see a link below the search bar that says See Pluralsight results.

Clicking this will take you to a search page in Pluralsight with your search terms already entered.

Similarly, if you’re on an article on Stack Overflow, you’ll see a message below the article title that says Check Pluralsight for related content. If you click the link on content, you’ll be taken to a Pluralsight search page where the title of the Stack Overflow article is your search term.

Both these options allow you to move easily from finding results on Google or Stack Overflow to finding relevant results on Pluralsight Skills. 

Finally, you can search by selecting text you see in your Chrome browser and then right-clicking on it. 

Let’s say you’d like to learn more about Javascript. Just highlight Javascript on the website, right-click, then click Search Pluralsight for “Javascript.”  You’ll be directed to the Pluralsight Skills search results for Javascript. 

If you’re looking for information about managing Chrome extensions in general, see Google’s  detailed instructions.

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