Cloud is on Skills

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Why is there A Cloud Guru content on Skills?

A Cloud Guru and Pluralsight have been working together to provide learners with the most up-to-date, and relevant content since 2021. To help provide our Skills friends with some tools to ace their cloud exams, our team of Cloud Gurus have recently crafted a handful of cloud video content now available on Skills.

This cloud content will be available to Skills learners as part of their current membership plans at no additional charge.

How many courses are available?

Skills learners currently have access to four newly updated cloud courses listed below. However, we plan to continue updating and adding cloud certification courses to the Skills library.

How does this affect ACG learners?

ACG learners already have access to this cloud content and are not affected by this change. Dual users, however, can now access this content through ACG or through the search function in Skills.

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