Cloud playground FAQ

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This article covers the most common issues and questions about ACG Cloud playgrounds.

What ports are open on the Cloud Servers?

If you are using the ACG public IP address, only certain ports are open to external traffic. However, all ports are open to internal traffic to your servers if you are using the internal IP addresses.

Note: These ports are allowed for incoming traffic only. The rules are stateful, so once a connection is established, the connection is allowed to return on the same port. Outbound traffic originating from the Cloud Servers are ONLY allowed on ports 22, 80 and 443 to the public internet. All other outbound traffic is restricted to within the security group of the Cloud Servers.

The following are the current ports that are allowlisted and available to use across the public internet on the Cloud Servers.

  • 22
  • 80
  • 443
  • 873
  • 1433
  • 2222
  • 3000
  • 3306
  • 3389
  • 4505
  • 5222
  • 5432
  • 5269
  • 5601
  • 6080
  • 6443
  • 7077
  • 8000-8100
  • 8140
  • 8142
  • 8443
  • 9090-9094
  • 9990
  • 9100
  • 9261
  • 30000
  • 30080-30089
  • 31297
  • 54663
  • 61297
  • 61613
  • 65535

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What happens to data in ACG?

Data is removed entirely when the relating items are deleted by you, or automatically in the timeframes below:

  • Servers: Shut down after 4 hours and fully deleted after 14 days of non-usage
  • Sandboxes: 4 hours

Important: B2C learners are limited to 4 hours but B2B learners will have the option to extend their session by 4 hours for a total of 8. Learn more about Extended time limits.

Hands on Labs: Different on each specific Lab but always under 4 hours

Although ACG Playground admins have full access to Cloud playgrounds, we only use the data to troubleshoot issues and flag account abuse.

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How do I reset my password for my Cloud Server?

Note: The following instructions are intended for Cloud Server password resets. See Updating or requesting a new password for account password resets. Additionally, Quick Actions won't appear if no servers are running.

  1. Navigate to the Cloud Servers page.
  2. Click Quick Actions and select Reset Password.

This will reset the password to the “temporary password” provided with the cloud server. This password was provided when you set up your server.

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What is ‘authorization token manipulation’ error?

This error occurs when attempting to change your “cloud_user” password without inputting the current password. You’ll notice that when you are first accessing the root account using “su-” command or when first connecting to a server using the provided “cloud_user” credentials that you will be prompted to change the password.In order to change the password, you will need to enter the “current’ temporary password one more time.

When prompted to change your password and login again, enter the following information in this order:

  1. Login credentials provided on the Servers Page.
  2. The temporary password.
  3. “Y” to continue
  4. The temporary password again.
  5. Your new password.

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Why can’t I SSH as root user?

By default, you won't be able to SSH into any of your cloud servers as the root user. This is to maintain best practices and security. Once you’ve successfully logged in and changed the root user's password, you can decide whether you want to connect directly and make the appropriate configuration change to your SSH setup.

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Why can’t I connect to a server?

Check for the following to ensure you're set up for success:

  1. If the server is new or you’re restarting an existing server, wait a few minutes before connecting.
  2. If you get a  Connection Timed Out message, make sure that your router or firewall/network security policy allows for SSH, port 22/TCP, outgoing connections.
  3. If you can connect using Public Hostname but not Public IP address for your server, try running dig on the public hostname of your server in a terminal application. Check to verify that the IP address it returns matches the public IP address listed in your Cloud Server tab. If it does not match, stop and restart the server, and then run `dig` on the public hostname again. If the IP addresses now match, attempt to connect again.

If you still can't connect, submit a support request.

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How do I launch Azure Cloud Shell?

Cloud Shell will be found in the top right corner of the Cloud playground page as illustrated below:

To launch the cloud shell, click show advanced settings and:

  • Keep the region set to East US
  • Keep the sandbox-provided resource group and subscription set to the default
  • Create a storage account/file share

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Am I able to connect to a Cloud Playground Server using a graphical interface?

No – you can’t connect to Cloud Playground Servers using graphical interfaces.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.