Limited ACG certification courses for Skills

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A select list of video-only cloud courses from ACG—designed to help you prepare for cloud certification—is available on the Skills platform at no additional charge. These courses are available to users who have a Premium Individual Skills subscription or a license on a Skills team plan. Please see below for the list of courses available.

To find this content, use the Skills search feature in the top navigation bar. Filter by cloud content that interests you—such as Azure or AWS. This will populate all relevant cloud content currently available on Skills. Sort your results by Newest to discover cloud certification courses from ACG.

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Keep an eye out for new courses on Skills (opens in new tab) and explore the latest ACG offerings (more coming soon):

Note: Admins can view reports on all of these courses.

To see retired Skills cloud courses and their ACG replacements, check out our article on retiring cloud courses.

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