Code Fundamentals: View commit trends over time

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Code Fundamentals provide the ability to view long-term commit activity trends at the organization and team levels. Team leads, managers, and executives can compare team metrics to benchmarks and configurable targets. This holistic view shows you the value your team is adding to your organization.

Code Fundamentals Metrics

The four code fundamentals work together to help leaders foster a safe, healthy, productive engineering culture.   

  1. Active Days measures the number of days an engineer committed code. Use active days to ensure your developers are free to code most days of the week. This helps boost morale and support productivity.

  2. Commits per Day shows the average number of commits an engineer makes per active day. Use commits per day to gain insights into an engineer’s work habits. We recommend encouraging engineers to make small commits frequently. This allows them to test often and take mental breaks.

  3. Impact is a measure of the severity of edits to the codebase, as compared to repository history. This shows the impact an engineer’s work had on the code base. 

  4. Efficiency is the percentage of all contributed code that is not churn Efficiency and Impact work together to ensure your team is growing in healthy ways. As impact increases, be sure that efficiency is holding relatively steady. We recommend keeping an eye out for dramatic changes in efficiency and impact. 

Learn more about Code Fundamentals metrics.

Learn how Flow metrics are calculated. 

If you are a team lead, manager, or executive, you can:

  • Set targets across four fundamentals metrics to establish KPIs

  • View and share your team's workflows and deliverables with stakeholders 

  • Demonstrate your team’s value

  • Build trust in your engineering organization

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How do I use Code fundamentals?

Team leads, managers, and executives can use Code fundamentals to view commit activity trends over time. 

Commit activity trends

  1. These tiles show average Coding Days, Commits per Day, Impact, and Efficiency. You can select one of four fundamentals metrics and view the details in the bar graph.
  2. This bar graph shows the average for each metric over the selected period. A trend will only be displayed if there are more than 4 complete (M—Sun) weeks selected.
    • Coding days shows coding days per week. 

    • Commits per day shows commits per coding day. 

    • Impact shows the weekly impact for each developer. 

    • Efficiency shows the average weekly efficiency for developers.

Important: The Code fundamentals report shows commits based on the local time zone of the commit author, not the time zone of the person viewing the report. If you want to see commits shown based on your time zone, use Work log. Because of this difference, the total number of coding days for a user may appear different between Code fundamentals and Work log.

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How do I view a team’s code fundamentals?

Below the code fundamentals graph is a team-by-team view showing the average for each team. Click into a team to see the subteams or individual contributors on that team.

  1. Use the Search to find a particular team.

  2. Click on a team to view other Flow reports and metrics.

  3. Use the Show rows filter to select the number of rows you want to view.

  4. You can filter teams by metrics and team name. You can filter metrics high to low or low to high and filter teams alphabetically or reverse alphabetically. 

Click a team to view their code fundamentals metrics. 

Team code fundamentals

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How do I view a contributor’s code fundamentals?

At the bottom of the team’s code fundamentals page, you can view the contributors on that team.

 Select a contributor to view their specific code fundamentals details. 

Contributor's code fundamentals

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