Code School


Why did Pluralsight acquire Code School?
We believe people like to learn in a variety of ways, depending on what they're learning and why.  By acquiring Code School, we can expose more learners to its rich, interactive way of teaching.  We also want to help Code School learne...
What's offered at Code School vs. Pluralsight?
Code School offers 40+ courses, including over a dozen free courses, which make up learning paths for Ruby, JavaScript, CSS/HTML, iOS and Git.  Code School incorporates interactive, hands on material to compliment it's video tutorials that ...
Will Code School courses exist on
Not at this time.  Code School offers a unique experience that is best served up at
Do Pluralsight subscribers have access to Code School courses?
Pluralsight group plan subscribers do have access to Code School. For Pluralsight individual subscribers, the Code School service remains separate.  We do encourage you to explore Code School's free courses here . ...
Are there discounts for active subscribers to access both sites, Pluralsight and Code School?
No, we are not currently offering any discounts for individual subscribers that have active subscribers to both sites at this time.
What if I have both a Pluralsight and Code School subscription?
We don't plan on integrating the services at this time, so if you'd like to continue accessing both sites, you'll need to retain separate subscriptions.