Commits API

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A commit represents a set of code changes stored in git.

The Commits API returns raw commit data that does not match exactly with the filtered commit data represented in reports. Use best practices for filtering in the Commits API to have your data more closely match what is returned in reports.

Supported request

Get a list of commits:


Note: For a full list of fields, refer to the interactive API documentation (opens in new tab).

iddoubleCommit ID (not the SHA)
hexshastringUnique identifier for the commit
user_aliasdoubleFilter-traversable object
user_alias_iddoubleUnique identifier assigned to an user alias
user_alias_id__instringMultiple user_alias_ids in comma separated list
apex_user_iddoubleUnique identifier for the main user record for multiple user aliases that is associated with a commit
apex_user_id__instringMultiple apex_user_id in a comma separated list
repo_iddoubleUnique identifier for a repository
author_datestringCommit author date
author_tzoffsetdoubleThe time zone offset from UTC+0 for an author (in seconds)
author_local_datestringAuthor date adjusted to the author’s local time based on the author_tzoffset
committer_datestringDate and time of the commit
committer_tzoffsetstringThe time zone offset from UTC+0 for the commit (in seconds)
ignore_hashstringA hash of the "Ignored Files" text when a commit was last updated
is_mergebooleanReturns true to indicate the commit is merged
is_pr_orphanbooleanReturns true to indicate the commit is for a pull request that does not have a parent
messagestringCommit message
extracted_tagsstringCommit tags
external_commit_urlstringExternal commit URL
halocdoubleHunk Aware Lines of Code (total lines of code)
new_workdoubleNumber of new lines of code
legacy_refactordoubleNumber of lines of edited code replacing code older than 30 days
help_othersdoubleNumber of lines of edited code replacing code authored by a different author fewer than 30 days previously 
churndoubleNumber of lines of edited code (rework) replacing code authored fewer than 30 days ago by the same author
filesdoubleNumber of files
hunksdoubleNumber of hunks (blocks of code in a file)
insertionsdoubleNumber of insertions
deletionsdoubleNumber of deletions
levenshteindoubleThe total edit distance per line, over the total line length for each hunk represented as a percentage
riskdoubleNumber representing how likely it is the commit will cause problems
impactdoubleNumber of impact for the commit
is_trivialstringReturns true to indicate the commit is trivial
ins_del_ratiodoubleRatio of inserts to deletions
is_outlierbooleanReturns true if the commit has been marked as an outlier
outlier_reasonstringReason why the commit is an outlier
logical_codedoubleNumber of lines of code that are not comments or whitespace. Configurable in the advanced outlier detection settings
multi_line_commentsdoubleNumber of comments that span across multiple lines
single_line_commentsdoubleNumber of comments that are single line comments
whitespace_and_punctuationdoubleNumber of lines that included only whitespace or punctuation
smart_dedupestringRemoves duplicate commits from the response

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