Completing your express installation

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Warning: These installation instructions do not apply to Flow Enterprise on-premises version 2020.2.2 or later.

Install Disk Image

Simply boot from our install disk image and it will automatically install CentOS 7, Docker and required dependencies. The Replicated installer will be copied from disk as well. 


  • Docker is pre-installed
  • File system is pre-configured
  • Includes all dependencies for Flow and Replicated
  • Flow and Replicated files are included so there is nothing to download

A link to download acopy of the install disk image (~2.5GB) is available upon request.

The .iso file can be validated with the checkisomd5 command.

Logging In

SSH login for root is disabled and a sudo user has been created for you. You will be asked to set a new password immediately after logging in.

Username: gitprime

Password: changeme

Install Replicated

After the install process is complete proceed with installing Replicated.  

# standard install
cd /opt/gitprime/replicated-installer
bash ./

# airgapped install
cd /opt/gitprime/replicated-installer
bash ./ airgap

Now you can proceed to Configuring Replicated.

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If you need help, please email for 24/7 assistance.