Can I get a certificate of course completion?

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You can request and view your certificate(s) of course completion through the web platform following the steps below.

Important: You will need an active membership in order to request a certificate of completion. You will also need to have completed at least 80% of that course or you will not have the option to request your certificate of course completion.

  1. Once logged in, select your completed course from your dashboard.
  2. Click Request Certificate of Completion under the Progress section on the right hand side.

    Note: You may be prompted to update your profile if you haven't done so recently.

  3. You can now view and download the certificate.

You can now share your beautiful certificate on social media, with friends or with your employer.

Important: This is not the certification from the platform provider. This is a certificate showing you have completed the course training through A Cloud Guru. Please be sure to now set up your exam with your provider using the resources below.

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