Connecting your team's data to your business intelligence tool

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Your Cloud training data is lonely and looking for love. Why not play matchmaker and introduce it to your other data? No need to swipe right, our platform allows you to introduce them seamlessly.

This is an overview: for a more detailed technical outline please look here or click View documentation from your Reporting API Access settings tab.

1. Head into your Reporting API Access tab in your account settings and choose + Create API Key.

2. Name this API call whatever you would like and click 'Create' to download your API Key and Consumer ID.

Download the CSV file for your API Key and make sure the individual connecting this to your company's Business Intelligence tool has it.

3. Manage your API Keys.

From the main Reporting API Access tab, you should see the newly created API Key. You can also Delete any API Keys from this view by choosing 'Delete' to the right of the API Key you're looking to remove.

Now your Business Tool Administrator can use the API to send your data sets on a first date. Here’s to a long lasting relationship. Of course, if there are any hiccups along the way we have a great Support team to help get things back on track. Just submit a form here.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.