Register Flow Enterprise Server with GitLab Cloud

To integrate Flow Enterprise Server with GitLab Cloud, you must configure an OAuth integration in GitLab. Consider configuring the OAuth integration using a service account with access to all teams and repositories in the organizations you want to show data for in Flow.

  1. Create an OAuth application in GitLab (external site, opens in new tab). Fill out the following fields:
    • Name: This should be an easily recognizable name for your Flow Enterprise Instance.
    • Redirect URI: This is theURI that GitLab will redirect the user browser to after OAuth authentication has been performed, This should be in the format of https://<your Flow Enterprise hostname>/accounts/complete/gitlab/. For example, if your Flow Enterprise instance is at, you would enter
    • Scopes: select the api and read_user scopes.
  2. Once your application is created, copy the Client ID, found in the Application ID field, and Client Secret.

    Note: Make sure to copy and store these immediately after creating your application.

  3. Add this key and secret pair to the KOTS admin console for Flow Enterprise Server. Learn how to configure Flow Enterprise Server.
  4. Once this is complete, follow the OAuth connection instructions in the GitLab Cloud setup article to complete your connection.

    Note: Once you have your OAuth app authorized in both GitHub and the KOTS admin console, managing your GitLab Cloud integration is identical in Flow Cloud and Flow Enterprise Server.

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