Cross-linking users in reports

Tags: Flow

Cross-linking helps you view a user's data as you move between reports. This provides quick access to a user’s data for insight on their overall contributions to individual and team efforts.

Note: When you cross-link from one report to another report, Flow applies your filters from the first report to the second.

Cross-link from and to Flow reports such as Work log, Review collaboration, and Project timeline.

To cross-link a user in Work log and Player card reports:

  1. Hover over a user and click the ellipses next to their name to open a menu.
  2. In the menu, hover over Filter by users in… and select the report you want to cross-link the user to. Flow links the report you select.

When you select a report to cross-link to, Flow directs you to that report.

To cross link in other available reports, hover over a user to see the ellipses, then follow the same steps as above.

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